Swindon's Oldest Covered Market

Welcome to the new home of the Swindon Tented Market. We recently reaquired the website and now it's back!

Bigger, better, brighter and always upto date.

Currently there are some indoor and out door pitches available to compliment our long term traders. Contact Nik Hayward on the contact or more info link.

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Swindon's Tented Market Policies

While every effort is made to make patrons of the market feel welcome and safe, there are some rules that everyone must adhere to.

We know that to some people this is common sense, but unfortunately there have been some individuals that have decided to break these simple basic rules.

Remember - The entire inside of the market operates a 24 hour recorded CCTV system. Not all of the cameras are visible. This is both for your protection and ours.

We also have a direct link to in-swindon town centre street team. We want you to feel safe, so we hope that you will be in this knowledge.

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit us